X4 Foundations Cheats

X4 Foundations

iCheat.games has assembled a searchable list of all the X4 Foundations Cheats.

X4 Foundations Cheats

5T3CQUAvenging Cycle
P9OWL0Black Cat
7HWU4LCaptain America (Classic)
H8CSE6Classic Thor
J58RSSHoward the Duck
B7AA3KHydra Soldier
2NGSRZIron Man (Mark 17 – Heart Breaker)
CK7SDSIron Man (Mark 38 – Hulkbuster)
Q5X1J5Iron Patriot
35E41WPumpkin Chopper
D5B7O3SHIELD Staff Car
SH9MZQSpider Bike
WFOZXQSpider-Man (Future Foundation)
UZFBG4Studs x2
TQ4C57War Machine
OAW2LBWolverine (with cowl)
UZFBG42x Stud Multiplier
7VKCT2Minikit Detector

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