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Divinity 2

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Divinity 2 Cheats

Fire + NecromancyExplodes corpses to deal damage
Fire + PolymorphEnemies bleed fire, leaving fire when they take damage
Fire + WarfareMelee attacks generate chain lightning that hits nearby enemies
Fire + HunterSets an explosive trap that explodes when an enemy gets near
Fire + ScoundrelCauses any grenades or arrows in an enemy’s inventory to instantly explode
Fire + SummoningYour minion learns and uses fireball
Fire 2 + Necromancy 2Mass Corpse Explosion
Fire 2 + PolymorphFlaming Skin
Fire 2 + Warfare 2Master of Sparks
Fire 2 + Hunter 2Mass Exploding Traps
Fire 2 + Scoundrel 2Mass Sabotage
Fire 2 + Summoning 2Necrofire Infusion
Air + NecromancyCauses damage, MP silence and suffocation
Air + PolymorphCreate clouds that cure frozen and petrification status
Air + WarfareImmunity to clouds and suffocate effects
Air + HunterEnemies will teleport randomly when attacked
Air + Scoundrel(Generates a cloud effect from the targeted character
Air + SummoningYour minion learns electric discharge and switches to electricity element
Air 2 + Necromancy 2Mass Vacuum Aura
Air 2 + Polymorph 2Jellyfish Skin
Air 2 + Warfare 2Mass Breathing Bubbles
Air 2 + Hunter 2Evasive Aura
Air 2 + Scoundrel 2Blessed Smoke Cloud
Air 2 + Summoning 2Cursed Electric Infusion
Water + NecromancyGenerates bloody rain that causes enemies to bleed and puts out fires
Water + PolymorphGenerates tears that heal party members within the area-of-effect
Water + WarfarePowerful healing that also removes the burn, disabled, poison, bleed, and decay effects
Water + HunterFrozen floor tiles now provide magic armor
Water + ScoundrelProvides +50% Life Steal for two turns
Water + SummoningMinion gains regeneration and switches to water element
Water 2 + Necromancy 2Blood Storm
Water 2 + Polymorph 2Icy Skin
Water 2 + Hunter 2Mass Cleanse Wounds
Water 2 + Scoundrel 2Vampiric Hunger Aura
Water 2 + Summoning 2Ice Infusion
Earth + NecromancyCauses acid and atrophy damage
Earth + PolymorphTurns water and blood into oil; oil removes the shock or stuck effects
Earth + WarfareConsume oil for bonus physical armor
Earth + HunterThrows a burst of dust that damages and blinds enemies) It also removes elemental floors or clouds
Earth + ScoundrelFor two turns, adds poison element damage to all attacks)Earth + Su
Earth + SummoningMinions switches to poison element and uses the Poison Dart attack
Earth 2 + Necromancy 2Corrosive Spray
Earth 2 + Polymorph 2Poisonous Skin
Earth 2 + Warfare 2Mass Oily Carapace
Earth 2 + Hunter 2Dust Blast
Earth 2 + Scoundrel 2Venomous Aura
Earth 2 + Summoning 2Acid Infusion

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